Rainwater Pools



The ECOsmarte pool system allows you to enjoy your pool like never before. Manufacturer of the best non-salt, non-chlorine water technology for your whole house, swimming pool or spa, and numerous applications for commercial water. Crystal clear, pure, chlorine free water every day without the hassles and expense of chemicals and the worries of algae, cloudy water and the irritation of chlorine. Not only will you have better pool water but also the ease of maintaining your water with only a few minutes each week.


ECOsmarte has been purifying water in homes, pools, spas and in commercial applications without the hazards and problems associated with chemical sanitisers for over 23 years all over the world. ECOsmarte manufactures a full line of residential and commercial products specially designed to purify water, better than chlorine, without adding any dangerous or toxic chemicals to your water.

ECOsmarte’s pool and spa purification products allow pool and spa owners to enjoy the feel of chemical-free purified water. No burning eyes, no dried out hair, no cloudy water, and no toxic smell. Your swimming pool or spa will have pure, crystal clear, chemical-free water and require a lot less effort and expense.


The ECOsmarte in-home water purification systems produce the equivalent of bottled water quality, throughout your house, hot and cold, inside and out. Each system is customised to meet the unique purification needs of the customer. The result is no more bad smelling water, no more bad tasting water, and no more hard to remove shower stains.

ECOsmarte water purification products are also used for the control of legionella and other bacteria, algae and fungi in a variety of commercial applications including cooling towers, commercial food preparation, golf course irrigation and many other agricultural applications. With expertise gained in the swimming pool operation, ECOsmarte has become the world leader in cistern, rainwater and holding tank water treatment. ECOsmarte systems also prevent calcium scale from forming in pools and spas where the water is high in calcium. With over 25,000 satisfied customers worldwide, ECOsmarte is convinced that you will love their products. Additionally, all residential pool and spa products carry a 5-year warranty.

Turbo Pool System

Manual System to 200,000 Litres

The Standard Turbo System has two manually controlled settings, Ionise and Oxidise. The system remains in the oxidise setting until the copper ion level falls to below 4ppm, then is switched to ionise mode usually for one filtration cycle, then back to oxidise.  Generates low DC voltage to the electrodes.

Programmable Pool System

Automated System to 200,000 Litres 

Digital display to fully automate your ECOsmarte®Pool with Carbon Dioxide injection for pH Control. The controller is programmed to ionise and oxidise for specific days and times. This eliminates the need to manually change the system from ionisation to oxidation and back again. This Automated Pool System eliminates the need to regularly add acid to lower the pH through the use of Carbon Dioxide injection into the pool water. No need to handle hydrochloric acid.


Safety & Third Party Validation from International Standards of Performance and Efficacy

Australian APVMA Approval No. 82244, US EPA, Canada, EU Ministry of Health, California Water Health Certifications, WQA NSF-53 & 61 International Standards.
No other solution has even two of these certifications, only ECOsmarte has all seven.

Designed and manufactured in the USA with models for the Australian market